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Look for the Book OnLine button on the headers above. Click there and you will be able to book your appointment at NDClinic at your convenience.  If you need to reschedule later, you can do that too.  Give it a try now and see how easy it is to do.

Order Supplements Online

Patients of NDClinic can now order supplements recommended specifically for them by their Naturopathic Doctor online and have them delivered to their home and office. Click here to access this service.



Our Calgary naturopathic doctors focus their practice on people who want to

  • Work on their health challenges with a gentle, natural approach
  • Have a health care team that values their insight and thoughts on their health
  • Be an integral part of their own treatment planning and action

The naturopathic doctors in our Calgary clinic focus on assessing the root causes of your health problems and then on finding solutions that enhance the ability of your body to function optimally.  We are here to help you improve your health – physically, mentally & emotionally.

We listen to your concerns, gather health information from your history, physical examination & lab tests, and then formulate a naturopathic treatment plan that is in tune with what you need.

We invite you to explore our website - learn more about Naturopathic Medicine and our approach to a wide variety of health problems.  Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Blog for up-to-date health information and inspiration.